Wheat Consultancy

At the heart of AWC’s work is the development and introduction of new wheat genetics to UK growers in the new and exciting wheat growing scenario prompted by Brexit.

MV Fredericia

As a UK-owned wheat breeding and development business, AWC is well placed to bring its first wheat introduction as a move away from traditional variety profiles. 

Full details of MV Fredericia, AWC’s first introduction, are given in the attached variety fact sheet.

Factors of special note are that it is very competitive - important for fighting blackgrass. It is very early - and early harvest is a pre-requisite for establishing oilseed rape. Last but not least - is its resistance to yellow rust and septoria.

The new AWC variety is of special interest to growers in eastern England, the  bread basket of the UK, which provides the highest chances of meeting UK bread specifications in the driest part of the country with good sunshine levels.

F1 Seed

F1 Seed Ltd was established in 2012 to develop new genetic material for the UK wheat market as genetics will play an increasingly important role on farm as chemical approaches to crop production come under pressure from resistance, environmental, public perception and economic pressures.

The business looks to develop new strategies using wheat as a model crop to face these challenges. Wheat genetics will never overcome the need for the targeted use of agrochemical products in some situations - but it does have a reservoir of variability which can be optimized with chemistry to sustain and enhance yields in the UK environment as climate change creates new challenges.

Our work has evolved into developing our own genetic material for the forthcoming hybrid wheat market and is designed to act as a low cost ‘entry platform’ to develop genetic resources for the BASF global hybrid wheat programme.

By concentrating resources on this activity, the business is able to focus more effectively than many previous programmes on this exciting wheat development area. Research is carried out into creating different genetic pools based upon the UK crop ideotype as well as detailed work on seed production efficiency.

We have established good working relationships with a number of International breeders and are also looking to identify new genetics which could be introduced directly to the UK market through Angus Wheat Consultants Ltd.

F1 Seed Ltd works closely with the public sector research community to enhance the translation of UK funded research to the marketplace. It also provides facilities for third party companies working in associated field of agronomy and crop nutrition to identify new products which could benefit wheat genetics.